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Sensei Horisumi visits Japan!

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Following on from the previous post on the Senja Matsuri festival, here are just some of the pics that Kian took while there last weekend. Also keep your eyes peeled for the next Inked AU magazine for Kian’s full write up!

sanja matsuri authentink

sanja matsuri authentink



sanja matsuri Authentink






The UNESCO World Heritage Site, Nikko Temple is about a 90 min bullet train ride from Tokyo. After the Senja Matsuri festival was over, Kian took the trip to check out this amazing place.┬áSomething that is a less well known fact, is that a lot of Japanese tattoo reference can be traced directly back to Nikko Temple where the great artists we all know and love got much of their reference from for both paintings and woodblock prints. There are 103 buildings or structures at Nikko, all surrounded by nature, peace and tranquiltiy. There are two Shinto Shrines, a Buddhist temple, nine of the structures are designated “National Treasures of Japan” and the remaining 94 are “Important Cultural Properties”

nikko authentink

authentink nikko

nikko authentink

nikko authentink


authentink nikko

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