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Kian Forreal Special Update

Posted on by keyman

Ok, this is probably the most important updates I have ever put out! For those that know its not a surprise but for those that don’t….  well, I have finally opened my own tattoo studio in Sydney. A fairly large space with lots of room to grow. It is called Authent/Ink Studio and is located among the warehouse district of Surry Hills near central station.

So a little story about how Authent/Ink Studio came about… I have been tattooing 20 years as 2013 and as for most tattoo artists that have worked hard for other people over the years, owning their own studio becomes one of those dreams that we all aspire to. Those of you familiar with my past history will already know this but for those that don’t I will give you the quick run down. I started in Toronto Canada in the early 90’s tattooing in a street shop and then make my way around the world doing guest spots and being the perpetual guest artist.. Following the sun, learning from the masters and avoiding the winter when possible… I managed 6 years without a winter on my best run! I eventually decided on settling here in Sydney Australia, the weather was great, people loved getting big tattoos, the shop I worked at was busy and big and everyone was great, it was paradise. After several years at that shop it was time to move on and do my own thing so I opened a little private studio in Randwick, a 1 person kind of personal and cozy affair with a little garden out front and hanging lanterns.

It was quite magical and all those that were tattooed there felt the same.. Alas that also had to come to an end with the onset of the NSW tattoo parlour laws that are taking effect on October 1st of this year, it was time to go legit! So I have taken the leap to fulfil the dream and opened a large scale semi-private tattoo studio, a mix between New York loft and traditional Japanese studio. Its perfect really. At the moment I am working alone and am passively seeking accomplices to join me in the endeavour… and I may even take on an apprentice at some stage, see how it goes… the world doesn’t need anymore ordinary tattooers but it sure needs some great ones with the old sensibilities instilled in them.

I am hoping to build a serene creative art space in the middle of bustling Sydney and forge a tattoo family that inspires one another and helps build each other up and make tattooing as great a thing as it can be.

I’ll update my progress as it unfolds…  you can see a few pics on the home page how it looks now… and there’ll be more to come!  And of course of few pictures of my latest large tattoo works…   feel free to email me to drop by and check it out.

Also, check out the latest Inked Mag for the Horisumi story straight from the source….


 Cheers and thanks for reading!

 few pics for you too…

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