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Feb 19, 2011 – Sydney

Posted on by keyman

First update in a while.. been pretty busy! So lots of things to talk about.

I am still at Inner Vision Tattoo, still writing for Inked Au/Nz mag and still doing walk-ins on Saturday mornings. All thats the same…

I will be attending the 3rd annual Sydney Tattoo and & Body Art Expo this year on the 11-12-13 of MARCH in the city. Booth 107. I will be doing some tattooing there of course so come have a look, and I should be working on some cool pieces!

However the main reason I am attending is to be able to talk to people interested in my work and/or people who are already on my wait list and would like a chance to have a quick chat. Its hard for me to talk to folks at the shop when I am working so this is a great time to have that 3 minute ‘consult’ on the fly.. nothing formal and no deposits will be taken but we can hash out your ideas quickly and see if they will fly.

So come by the booth and introduce yourself!

The other exciting news is that I am doing a project consisting of 23 female backpieces tattooed in the Japanese style for a series of photographs. I have several already complete, several more under way but will need more in the near future. If you are a female who wants a backpiece and are on the wait list already I can get you in soon as and if you’re not I will add you and get you in when i can. I’d like to have 2-3 on the go at all times.

If you are interested please contact me or come see me at the tattoo show.

I will be selling some brand new shirts I just had made.. very nice quality tees made and printed in the USA.. organic ringspun cotton… super nice and comfy and with a BAD ASS snake on them.

You can also drop by the shop after the 24th Feb and buy one in person or order one through email.

I’ll also have my prints available on sale… you can see them on my website…

The good news is that I will be taking walk-ups at the convention.. I will have some pre-arranged appointments but I have left lots of free time for those that are coming in from out of town or just don’t get into the city much. I won’t be starting any massive stuff there but if you want a koi and some water or a couple flowers, cherry blossoms etc etc… I will be doing that. Nothing too involved as I don’t want to spend the convention drawing.. And OF COURSE I will be doing script on the spot.. large and small..

Here are a few of my latest completed and almost completed work..

Gangster! Lots of imitators in Sydney doing lettering these days.. come see me for the real deal.

Dragon Back – 1 more session to go!

dragon backpiece.. finally finished!

Ghost Sleeve completed

Snake and warrior sleeve completed. Cover-up after laser fading

Koi sleeve completed

If you want to pre-arrange something for the show whether you are on the wait list or not, drop me an email. I WILL NOT be starting any large tattoos there.. please understand that, no sleeves, 1/2 sleeves or backs or large work… I need my own space to create large work.. the show is just for smaller one-off pieces. If you pre-arrange I can draw it up beforehand and we can just get cracking at appointment time. Email me through my website ok.

all the best


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