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Update Archive

December 17th, 2010 – Sydney

way to go Sarah!

November 26th, 2010 – Sydney

first session 5 hours

Authent/Ink column from last 3 issues of Inked aus/NZ

if you’re wondering where I am…

November 17th, 2010 – Sydney

Thanks for your patience to all those on the wait list…

things are trucking along!

Freehand water and lotus 3/4 sleeve with cherry blossoms

Traditional Japanese dragon backpiece in progress

female warrior backpiece almost completed

September 29th, 2010 – Sydney

Back in the shop for my regular hours again.. all is back to normal.

However I will be away on this coming 9th October and not working walkins that Saturday.

Otherwise I am working every Saturday morning from now on.



September 14th, 2010 – Sydney

Due to unforeseen circumstances I will not be doing walkins this coming saturday the 18th or back in the shop until the 21st September. Sorry for any inconvenience!



August 24th, 2010 – Sydney

Please note I will be on holiday from the 26th August until the 4th September and will not be in the shop during this time. This means I will not be doing walkins on Saturday the 28th of August, sorry for any inconvenience.

I will be back in the shop doing walkins on the 4th September!



August 20th, 2010 – Sydney

this says it all. Spewing.

For the whole story check out more here

August 18th, 2010 – Sydney

So check this out… Triple M radio station here in Sydney in conjunction with my mates at Blacktown Harley are giving away a Harley Davidson Sportster this Friday the 20th. There’s a whole story involved that you can look into on their website later.. but the best part is that it has a custom designed paint job by yours truly.. I didn’t do the airbrushing just the design work..

I give you the Forreal Mobile:

So if you like it.. get over to Triple M radion station Sydney website and register to Win! and maybe you can ride away on this one of a kind bike!

all the best

Kian Forreal

August 3rd, 2010 – Sydney, Australia

Website was just updated with lots of new pics, check it!

I have also just put out a newsletter, if you subscribed and it hasn’t come through to you please keep in mind that you must follow the link of the confirmation email verifying your email address.

My work on the Front Cover of Sydney Morning Herald Spectrum section this past saturday.. nice unexpected surprise!

ok, gotta sleep!



June 22th, 2010 – Sydney, Australia

Australian Ink has become ‘Australia/NZ INKED’

I still have my Authent/ink column in there and the mag now features content from all over the world as well as local Aussie stories and features.

Here is the link to my column in the premier issue

Issue #2 will be out early July! Grab it!

June 20th, 2010 – Sydney, Australia

just finished this last week!

May the 28th, 2010 – Sydney, Australia

a couple larger pieces I have on the go…

(iphone quality pics)

warrior with sakura

samurai fighting tiger

both are about 35-40 hours in…


May the 2nd, 2010 – Sydney, Australia

Here are some pics from my recent Japanese trip,

I hope you enjoy them!


Myself getting a tebori (handpoke) tattoo from the Master Horotoshi 1 in Tokyo

Tebori Master Horitoshi 1 and myself after getting a hanya tattoo from him in Tokyo

Ian, Linnea and myself

drinking beers in the worlds largest ferris wheel overlooking Osaka.

the boys infront of beautiful sakura tree

Heike Crab, check out the face in the back of the shell…

hand feeding monster koi fish in Kyoto

Shoguns’ temple in Osaka Castle

Fox Shrine in Kyoto

Kyoto Rules!

The Three Tides crew and us!

Getting tattooed by prolific Osaka tattoo artist Ichibay

Ok, no joke, at this restaurant you have to catch your own food, you get beer, appetizers and a fishing rod.

This is me catching my meal after 3 hours of trying and many many beers! Out of the 10 of us only 3 caught something…

the boys…

Karaoke! with Ian and Hokuoh in Kobe. What a great host and all around cool guy Hokuoh is! thanks man!

check out his work below:

Normally you’re not supposed to eat raw chicken or raw chicken organs.. they didn’t get that memo in Kobe. The sliced stuff on the bottom left is raw (sashimi) chicken heart, middle is raw liver, and then raw kidney etc etc… I ate this whole plate. nuff said.

escalator to heaven.. the garden in the sky!

looks good enough to eat but in acuality its made of plastic. In Japan the business of faithfully reproducing food in plastic for restaurant displays is taken very very seriously.

more to come later…

thanks for looking


Total Tattoo #64 feature on my Japanese Prints

All prints available for purchase at the shop or through the mail. check the link on the of the page.

Samurai and Sakura 1/2 sleeve start

Just before outlining a detailed samurai 1/2 sleeve with sakura and storm clouds. Completed basic outline took 2 hours to finish.

April 14th, 2010 – Sydney, Australia

Back! Japan was awesome… many pics to follow soon!

Huge thanks to Crystal, Maki, the great Hokuoh!, Kazuro, Magoshi, Benny, Ichibay and most certainly Sensei Horitoshi 1.

Stories and photos to follow..

Back to walkins this Saturday the 17th! See you then!!


March 30th, 2010 – Sydney, Australia

Long time radio silence… I have been pretty flat out with everything since the new year so no time to write! And now it’s holiday time… ūüôā I will be away from this wednesday the 31st until the 15th of April. So no walk-ins on the 3rd or 10th of April, sorry. Back in the saddle on the 17th for morning walk-ins. You can still leave a drawing deposit with the counter staff for lettering while I am gone and we’ll book you in once I return.

If you’re on the list.. I can’t thank you enough for being patient, you have no idea how much I think about all the folks waiting quietly for their turn, it does weigh on me. My holiday is actually an inspirational tour of Japan that I am going on, visiting temples, shrines, museums and tattoo shops all to gather more information and inspiration so that when the times comes I can give you the best possible tattoo I can produce. I’ll post some photos when I get back.

Until then take care and be well.

PS: Rest in Peace Crazy Ace Daniels

The latest issue of Australian Ink with the fourth installment of my article. The magazine will now be know as Inked Australia for issue 5 and onwards FYI.


January 2nd, 2010 – Sydney, Australia

Happy New Year to you all!

Effective Immediately I am no longer working Sundays. I am however, still doing walkins on Saturday mornings!

And I have added heaps of new photos today.. check em out!

Also Australian Ink #3

happy holidays!


December 26th, 2009 – Sydney, Australia

The shop WILL BE OPEN tomorrow on Sunday the 27th and I will be doing walkins from 11am on. Get there early!

Merry Xmas!


December 19th, 2009 – Sydney, Australia

New print for sale

They are A3+ (33cm x 48cm, 13 x 19 inch) size on heavy stock archival matte paper printed with archival quality pigments.

‘Wicked Dragon’ and others available at the shop or paypal/money order and posted to you. Contact me

$40 each or $120 for the set.

Please note that in the new year I will only be doing walkins on Saturday mornings and will no longer be working Sundays.



November 23th, 2009 – Sydney, Australia

I’ll be away on holiday from the 25th of November until the 2nd December.

I won’t be in the shop or doing walkins on the November 28-29, sorry for any inconvenience. I will be back the following weekend (Dec 5-6 ) as usual doing morning walk-ins. thanks!


October 17th, 2009 – Sydney, Australia

If you are on the waiting list for a cover-up.. then please, start your laser sessions now instead of waiting 16 months for a consult, only to be told at your consult that you need to get lasered before we can start and then you have to wait another 4-8 months while you get that done!

October 1st, 2009 – Sydney, Australia

Made it back in one piece… and not a moment too soon. Glad to be home and I had a great trip.. thanks to everyone I encountered along the way that made it fantastic. I’ll post some pics up soon in the coming weeks.

I’ll be doing WALK-INS all weekend on a first come first serve basis.. shop opens at 11 so get there early and ask for me!

see you soon.


September 11th, 2009 – New York, New York

Halfway thru my trip. I’ll keep it short, all is well, currently on a plane flying in to JFK on the morning of 9/11 awesome… should have looked at the dates before I booked the ticket. Working at Royal Tattoo in Denmark last week was awesome, as it always is.. huge thanks to Henning for the gracious hospitality and to Gitta for taking care of me. Shout outs to the boys and girls there.

Back on holiday again now for 3 weeks.. NYC, Toronto, Vancouver and London. I was also in Barcelona 2 weeks ago for a while and from what I recall Amsterdam a few days ago.. so much fun I wish I remembered more of it!

added some new tattoo pics to the portfolio page as well.

here’s a few snaps from the trip so far..

Henning at work in Helsingor

a night out with some of the Royal Tattoo Crew

Serene canal in Amsterdam

‘Lost’ in the ‘Dam!

Intimidating Barcelona Cathedrals

I’ll leave it up to you what this is…

only in Barcelona..

Sweden passing by on the train…

almost finished this piece.. 1 more session when I get back!

much love from NYC


September 3, 2009 – Helsingor, Denmark

On holiday until October 1st. Emails will be replied to but with some delays. See you on the road…

Halfway through my guestspot here at Royal Tattoo, been very busy but all good. More updates to come later!

for now though…

I Got the cover of Tattoo Revival #19

and a 10 page article inside.

Available now In all of Australia

Check it out!

FREESTYLE Magazine Issue #8 has a 6 page article with in-depth interview on myself this quarter, available at all fine newsagents Australia wide.

(I also did the script on the cover and the skull line drawing on the back cover!)

My Latest AUSTRALIAN INK Column! Issue #2

Wicked Energy Drink/Vodka Mix by Kian Forreal

I’ll let you know when its available. NOW!!!

Here is the video interview I did for them…

More importantly than all that though, THANK YOU ALL for the support and continuing interest in my work. I would not be here doing all this if you all weren’t getting tattooed by me, purchasing my prints and showing me love.

Warmest Regards from Denmark,


June 25rd, 2009 – Sydney, Australia

It is now confirmed that I will be working at Henning Jorgensen’s Royal Tattoo in Helsingor, Denmark for 1 week only from September 1st-5th 2009. Spaces are extremely limited and I am already booking out fast.. so if you’re interested either ring the shop there or email me to work it out.

I’ll also be hanging out at Invisible NYC in Gotham for a day or two mid september. And I will be in and around London for the convention at the end of september.

BOOKING UPDATE – Very Important

A couple of new things about how we book stuff at the shop now, there is 72 hours notice required to change or cancel appointments in order to keep your deposit rolling. Otherwise it’s lost. No Exceptions

If you change, cancel, shorten or modify your scheduled appointment without a weeks (7 days) notice the shop is going to charge you a $100. My schedule is tight, lots of people waiting and its very difficult to fill gaps on short notice, I hate sitting around when I could be tattooing. This is only to ensure people don’t change their appointments on a whim.. as this does happen.

more info to come soon.

June 3rd, 2009 – Sydney, Australia


Check out this months issue! – click image for article on Inner Vision Tattoo and a regular column by yours truly – AUTHENT/INK.. if you like it then go grab a copy for yourself, there’s a lot more cool shit in it! … and it makes us look good by selling out the first Australian issue! ūüėČ

Also featured in a new book by Lal Hardy out of London UK; The Mammoth book of Tattoos, available now online and at Kinokuniya in the city.


May 29th, 2009 – Sydney, Australia

ADDED A bunch of photos today, finally. Check em out. I am booking consults again soon, so if you don’t get called you’re at least one step closer. Thank you all for your patience and loyalty with waiting, it means a lot to me.

Check out Australian INK on the stands now, it has an article on the shop and my own column in it about getting a good tattoo!

Feedback appreciated!

be well and hope to see you soon


May 21th, 2009 – Sydney, Australia

Back home from holiday, great trip!

I’ll be answering emails this weekend and back in the shop doing walk-ins Saturday and Sunday mornings!



May 10th, 2009 – Sydney, Australia

Working today and then away…

On Holiday until the 21st of May. I won’t be replying to emails or be in the shop. Read below for more info. See you when I get back!

May 4th, 2009 – Sydney, Australia

If you are wondering if you have missed any newsletters, don’t worry, you haven’t! I’ve been too busy with everything else and haven’t had time. I will be posting one out by months end hopefully.

I won’t be doing any walk-ins on the weekend of MAY 16-17th, sorry. You can still drop by the shop and check out the books etc.. I’ll be back on walk-in duty the 23rd May.

Things to watch out for this month:

The Premier issue of AUSTRALIAN INK is out nationwide on the 15th of May, its the Aussie version of the glossy American tattoo lifestyle/culture mag, get yourself a copy.. I have my own column in this mag which will feature in every issue (quarterly).

FREESTYLE mag Vol 8 will be out soon, large photo spread and interview with myself.

TATTOO REVIVAL (Australia) Issue 19 coming out this quarter, again, a large photo spread on my tattooing ( I think!). Check it out!

and another surprise I can’t talk about yet but will hit the shelves in early summer! I’ll keep you posted!

Will be adding some photos soon…


March 17, 2009 – Sydney, Australia

Hey there, got some new prints for sale at the shop

They are A3+ (33cm x 48cm) size on heavy stock archival matte paper.

$40 each or $100 for the set. Come by the shop and grab one or I can mail them out with paypal pre-payment. Easy.

And below is a new video of me starting and finishing a half sleeve koi tattoo in one session. Check it out!

Below is a video interview Rhys and I did at London Tattoo Convention 2008

more to come soon!


March 9, 2009 – Sydney, Australia

Please note that I will only be doing walk-ins this coming Sunday morning, the15th march.

And NOT on the morning of Saturday the 14th of march.



February 5, 2009 – Sydney, Australia

Please note that times for the waiting list have changed and have been updated to reflect the current situation.

Please see the contact page for more information.

Otherwise all is well and doing my thing. Lots of new photos to get put up soon.. I’ll keep you posted.

Enjoy the summer.


January 21st, 2009 – Sydney, Australia

UPDATE: I will indeed be doing walkins Sat & Sunday mornings this weekend. See you there!!


December 25th, 2008 – Sydney, Australia

Merry Xmas and Happy New Year to you all! I hope this year brings you all health and happiness and you finally get that tattoo you’ve been waiting for! New photos are up and newsletter to come soon!

PS: If you’ve received information about getting tattooed by me from any of the staff at Inner Vision and would like to confirm that information is accurate and up to date then please do not hesitate to contact me for this purpose. It’s very hard for me to keep track of what people are being told from day to day!

Enjoy your holidays!


October 13th, 2008 – Sydney, Australia

Settling back in and getting back into full gear at work.. what a crazy trip I just had, not much of a holiday but more a whirlwind global tour. I spent about 4 days in each city;

Copenhagen, Denmark for Henning Jorgensens 25th anniversary party of Royal Tattoo. Henning, myself and Scott Syvia

Amsterdam, Holland to party and visit friends. Above photo is at Hanky Panky & Tycho’s new shop in the city with Tycho and Gilbert ‘Hurricane’ Yvel.

Eindhoven, Holland to visit the good ol’ boys down at the new and much larger Dragon Tattoo, Greg, Jim, Staaf, Sasha & Hans. You guys rule.. thanks for the night out! and the drive the next morning!

New york, New york with my homies down at Invisible NYC. Awesome time, great guys, Troy and Marco.

No photos from Toronto.. but I was there too… chilling out in the country. And then flew to Barcelona… for a more late night til dawn socializing…jetlag and nightclubs work out well together.

And then London Tattoo Convention 2008. Best show ever.. great artists, great venue, good food (for england), fantastic weather and a cool crowd. Once again spending a ridiculous amount of money on books too. Totally worth showing up there! Above we have Dan Sinnes, Troy Denning, myself, tattooed girl, Scott and Juan Puente.

Above is Mike Rubendall, Richard Pinch, Chisaki, & yours truly.

All in all a great journey but really glad to be in Sydney, it is home for now so no plans of going anywhere anytime soon, I’ve got so much stuff here anyways it would be impossible to leave even if I wanted too! A lot of people have been emailing me about the waiting list and ‘how much longer’, I appreciate summer has just arrived and everyone wants their tattoo done. I got my papers in order finally and I am working as hard as I can to to get things done with the time I have… so please, if you’re on the list.. be patient.. I’ll get to you soon as I can… in order.

Thank you all for supporting me and being patient and staying loyal!

Much love.


October 1st, 2008 – Sydney, Australia

I’m back! Trip was great.. jetlagged to all hell but recovering fine. I’ll be starting in the shop finally!! this weekend the 4th & 5th of October doing walkins!

I’ll have more information and photos from my trip posted soon.. so check back in a week or so!

see you soon



I am now in partnership with a very professional and capable Laser Tattoo Fading Technician using the latest Q-switched Nd:YAG laser that can diminsh black, blue and red tattoos in only a couple of sessions for a very reasonable price… making beautiful cover-ups much lighter, easier, and more colorful without an overuse of black. I have done a lot of cover-ups over the years and am now happy to be able to work with someone that can reduce darkenss of the old tattoo before I start, enabling me to make a better brighter tattoo.

We are offering joint consults for tattoo ‘fading’ sessions and cover-up implementation all in one, and the only service of its kind in Sydney. We work together to give the best cover-up result with the least amount of lasering necessary to achieve the best results. Lasering can be slightly uncomfortable at times so we offer a choice of numbing creams to make the experience virtually painless!

My colleague also offers tattoo ‘removal’ and fading without the addition of more tattooing if thats all you’re after. Prices starting at $100 for something small and up from there depending on size of tattoo and time needed per session. This is what we’ve all been waiting for, affordable and effective laser service!

Please send enquires to if you’re interested and want more information. All consults are free of charge.

FADE Tattoo Reduction Services

HERE is a great article on tattoo removal.. please have a look at it if you’re interested.

more to come soon…!


Total Tattoo article in PDF format

check it out.. let me know what you think.

PS: I have been mailing out the newsletter and some are boucing back, so if you’re not receiving it, check your junkmail folder.

March 26, 2008 – Sydney, Australia

just back from Japan!

Japan and Thailand were great! Huge thanks to Megu and friends in Tokyo for taking awesome care of me and sorting me out there.. could not have done it without them! And I finally was able to meet Horiyoshi III in Yokohama, very cool time and worth the trip on its own merit. He was very hospitable!

Thailand is a no brainer… sun swim sleep eat repeat.

Nice to be back for my extended holiday in Australia..the beach has my name written all over it!!

horiyoshi 3 and myself

Master Horiyoshi III and myself – Yokohama 2008

Huge Thanks to Henning Jorgensen (and his lovely wife) at Royal Tattoo for having me! It was a great experience and all round fun time.. made some cool tattoos, learned some stuff, as always, and made some new friends. I look forward to a future trip there!

Master Henning Jorgensen and myself 2008

more updates to come soon with travel photos and stories of our adventures…
see you all soon.



September – Helsingor, Denmark

NewsFlash August 23 – Toronto

Just when I thought it was over! We’re arrived safe after 17,000 kms of epic tattoo shop roadtripping around Canada and America. However, much to my delight I have been invited by the one and only Henning Jorgensen to work as a guest artist in his world famous tattoo studio in Helsingor, Denmark, Royal Tattoo.

And so, I have rearranged my schedule and will appear everyday at Royal Tattoo from the 4th of September until the 13th of September.

August 2 – Vancouver

Hey, So far so good… guest spotting is over for now.. and its vacation time. I can’t even begin to thank everyone that has made our trip fantastic! but I will try, in the order that we visited from the start!

Hammerman, Daniel, Myself, Kiku (front), Jeb, Troy, Fernando and Marco!

At Invisible NYC there’s Troy, Jesse, Mister Marco Serio, Regino, Kiku Jebediah, Fernando, Dan Vu, Chris O’d & Sonja, Daniel Albrigo (who was also guesting), Gillian and heaps more folks whose names are escaping me.. thank you all for making our time there fucking awesome! And thanks heaps to my clients that made it all possible… We love New York! You guys Rule! We’ll be back!

Eric Reith and Myself

In San Francisco at Seventh Son Tattoo we only stayed for a short visit but it was well worth the time and we had a blast! Huge thanks to Jason Kundell, Luke Stewart, Joey, George Campise, Orly and the always warm and entertaining Eric Reith for having us.. love your work guys! Thanks! And we hope to see you again somewhere soon. You know where to find me!

Aaron Bell, Myself, Chris, Desty and Ed

Then there is Slave to the Needle in Seattle! Aaron and Melissa are fantastic hosts.. busy shop, great work and a very cool time..not to mention the lake view! It was really hard to leave! And the crew there, Ed, Chris, Desty, Nick and David… and Aaron Belll of course.. couldn’t ask for better.. thanks guys! you made my stay super smooth! Looking forward to a return visit!

Master Tattooer John the Dutchman and myself

And finally, a short and sweet guest spot at the Dutchman Tattoo in Vancouver went great! Huge thanks to John the Dutchman, Ligaya, Vicky, Jesse Dicey, Jesse Younge, Rob, Ryan, Dustin, Ian and the nice counter girl whose name escapes me! You all made it so easy and comfortable.. cheers for the support and hope to see you guys again! Awesome shop and great work! Thanks!

I added a bunch of new tattoo pics today … check em out.

peace and love to you all


June 12, – Toronto

Update… Thursday June 14th (1 day only) working at Tat-a-Rama in Toronto 3834 Bloor St. W. 416.234.1144 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†416.234.1144¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†end_of_the_skype_highlighting

June 18th – 25 th Invisible NYC

June 14-15th Seventh Son Tattoo San Francisco

July 20th – 25th Slave to the Needle in Seattle

July 29th – August 5thDutchman Tattoos BC

Please contact myself or above shops for bookings… thanks!

see you on the road!


May 30, 2007 – Barcelona

Added the last of the pics today, hitting the road for a while so check me on email or myspace as phone most likely not on. Huge thanks to my family in Thanks to Greg Orie for the drinks after the long drive to Eindhoven….. nice to see you again man! Big hello to my Swedish family, thanks so much for the generous hospitality.. hope you all like your tattoos! pics to come later.. And now for my well deserved fucking holiday.. see you in North America.. I’ll be at Invisible in NYC, Slave to the Needle in Seatle.. and a few other places in between.. check the guestbook and here for postings…

Big love to you all. K

December 28 , 2006 – Barcelona, Spain

Last of the big work photos added and a couple smaller ones I did on the crew before leaving. Back in Barcelona now for who knows how long.. no answers as of yet, I will decide in the New Year.

Kian Forreal, Master Greg Orie, Jimmy Orie

Massive thanks to Greg Orie at Dragon Tattoo for providing me the opportunity to work at his shop and tattoo his customers. For this experience I am eternally grateful, I learned more than I could put into words and have become a better tattooer for it, thanks Greg! Big thanks to Claas, Jeroen and Sascha at Dragon for making it a pleasant experience (minus the music factor) and keeping the laughs flowing.

Huge thanks to Jimmy ‘IronFist’, Carla, Staaf, Tony, Brigitte and the Magic Cherries good vibe… the last week was the best.. but you guys know that. See ya again hopefully! If any of my Dutch clients would like to get in touch with me please email me from the link on the contact page. thanks.

Happy Holidays to all and see you in the New Year!

peace. kian

Tony, Jimmy, myself and Staaf!

December 17 , 2006 – Eindhoven, Holland

More pics uploaded.. as I am now finishing off the last batch of big work before I leave back to spain. See ya!


November 29 , 2006 – Eindhoven, Holland

Another batch of pictures to look at.. enjoy! I finished a couple of backpieces this month and some half sleeves… And yes, there are more koi tattoos… I do a lot of fish here for some reason.

Leaving Holland soon…so, if you want something from me here in Eindhoven… come and get it soon! .


November 9 , 2006 – Eindhoven, Holland

More photos uploaded today.

October 9 , 2006 – Eindhoven, Holland

London Convention was great… just got back and am heavily inspired, or is that just fuckin tired? was fantastic to see everyone.. big thanks to Dino for yet ANOTHER machine… love your work man… and Neil.. you are, as always, Selector Numero Uno, Mike, I owe you one! And last but certainly not least, Alex for the support and help.

Met lots of new folks and reconnected with a bunch of old ones.. too many names to list, but I appreciate the time spent with everyone…was a really nice scene there, and some really choice work getting done, well worth the trip besides the actual trip…

Finishing some big pieces soon so keep an eye out for photo updates.. and if you’re wandering near the middle of Holland, also known as Eindhoven drop by and visit! Peace

July 9, 2006 – Eindhoven, Holland

Here we are at Dragon Tattoo in Eindhoven for the rest of 2006. Drop by the shop at Hoogstraat 218 or give me a call on +31611187623 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              +31611187623      end_of_the_skype_highlighting for info or to say hey. Appointments are usually necessary. Have a great summer and hope to see you soon. Kian

June 19, Barcelona, Spain

Home. Here for a couple weeks including Ibiza and then to Holland. On my Spanish number if you want me. K

June 10, Koh Samui, Thailand

Newsflash will be working at Inkadelic in Ibiza from the 23rd June til the 29th June, 2006. Let me know whats up if you want something while I am there! Back to Spain in a few days… so will be available for Barcelona appointments starting the 16th June. peace K

May 18, 2006 – Bangkok

Made my escape, on the road in Asia for the next while, email only for contact or check the guestbook for phone number if I get one…

Visiting with Master Trevor McStay in Melbourne

I have added more portfolio pictures, a gallery of tattoo photos where I used UV responsive ink (non-toxic variety) and some info about this process, and there will be more travel photos coming soon. Get in touch if you have any questions or wish to make a booking. Thanks. Peace. Kian

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