Traditional Japanese Tattooing by Sydney Tattoo Artist – HORISUMI – Kian Forreal | Sydney Tattoo Shops & Sydney Tattoo Studios Australia

Horisumi -Kian Forreal – World Wide Tattoo

Script & Lettering

Here are some photos of my custom Script & Lettering work,

Hey, so I’ve had to downsize the resolution of my portfolio pictures, sorry about that, just have to do my thing to prevent piracy…

Please show some respect and don’t print my stuff out to be copied. by other artists, if you’re coming to see me.. then thats cool. Thanks.

As of July 8 2013 I am now working full-time at Authent/Ink Studio in Surry Hills, you can come view my portfolio and visit the shop with prior notice and arrangement.. please email for more info. Kind regards

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