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Authent/Ink Studio


All consults are free of charge. Tattoo appointments do require a deposit and cannot be made over the phone but they can be arranged via paypal or bank deposit.

Good news for those waiting, I have been going through the list lately and re-directing some folks to artists working with me that can get to their tattoo needs quicker,  so that has cleared up a lot of time for me to do larger stuff! I have adjusted the estimated wait times to reflect this. I appreciate your patience.


Wait times for getting tattooed by Horisumi


Small one-point one session tattoos (including lettering) – 0-3 months depending on availability

Large Japanese style work – sleeves, legs, chest, ribs etc –  3-6 months wait list for consult.

Full Traditional Japanese Backpiece – 2-3 Month wait list for tattoo consult with a face to face pre-consult done on the next available opening.

Full Traditional Japanese Bodysuit – Next available consult to discuss ideas and commitment. Serious inquiries only please.

If you have already been tattooed by me with large work you do not need to wait again and usually only have to wait for the next available slot to get a consult. 



All Lettering/Script tattoos :  All lettering pieces can be done pre-arranged with a few weeks to a months notice, these include names on the arms, forearms, chest and back rockers etc..,.  a $200 cash deposit will be necessary.

The wait for lettering is between 1-6 weeks depending on availability.


One Session Japanese Tattoos : A one session piece is a tattoo that takes up to 3.5 hours to complete from start to finish – a one-off tattoo. This can be some flowers, a mask, some waves and blossoms.. you get the idea… smaller stand alone stuff that fits nicely on the body somewhere. This does NOT involve the starting of sleeves etc.

The wait for this size tattoo is roughly 1-4 months depending on availability.


Large Japanese Tattoo Work : This category is for any Japanese style tattooing over 3.5 hours. 1/2 Sleeves,  3/4 Sleeves, Full sleeves, chest, ribs, legs etc. Large coverage tattoo work charged by the hour over multiple sessions.

Large Japanese Tattoo Work : This category is for any Japanese style tattooing over 3.5 hours. 1/2 Sleeves,  3/4 Sleeves, Full sleeves, chest, ribs, legs etc. Large coverage tattoo work charged by the hour over multiple sessions.

The wait time for this type of tattoo work is between 3-6 months depending on the progress of my ongoing work. I take on new projects as current projects are nearing completion, so its hard to say exactly how long the wait is but its around this time currently.

Wait times for all sleeves, legs, ribs etc… 3-6 months


I love creating Bodysuits starting with a full size Traditional Japanese Backpiece with background, and so I strive to get these in sooner, so expect a around a short 6 month wait to get in to see me if you are truly committed to a proper traditional backpiece,  I always prioritise these projects and do my best to get them in as soon as I can.  I also do a mini-consult beforehand to meet face to face and work out design ideas etc. So please contact me if you are serious and we will arrange a meeting for my next available spot.

The wait time to start a full traditional Japanese backpiece is around 3-6 months.


Full Traditional Japanese Bodysuit – If you are serious about full coverage and want to discuss a full bodysuit then I will get you in for my next available consultation slot, if we proceed to book you in a substantial deposit would be required to assure your commitment to the process as I would want to outline the entire bodysuit first.

Next available consult



Please email me with your ideas about design and placement and if they interest me and  I think we can work together to make a great tattoo then we can get the ball rolling and add you to the wait list for a consult. Alternatively, you are welcome to pop into the shop and have a chat with one of our friendly staff to leave your details for the waiting list. The style of tattoos I am interested in creating are akin to the ones in my online portfolio on this website… please have a look as this is the style I mainly work in.


Once we have consulted the wait to get started on the tattoo is short.. 4-8 weeks usually as I only book myself in 3 month cycles..

Valid as of July 2018

If you have already been tattooed by me with large work and would like more tattooing then please contact me directly as you do not need to wait again!

Sometimes when I have cancellations or short notice openings I can sneak in smaller one-off tattoos very quickly… so let me know if that suits you.

There are occasions when I can be booked for an entire day to complete a large tattoo in 1 session similiar to the koi tattoo video on my update page. Serious inquiries only please as this is a premium service I provide from time to time on one of my days off and it doesn’t come easy or cheap. Getting tattooed for 8 hours straight is difficult for anyone but once completed is a great accomplishment.

You cannot get sleeves, half sleeves, backs or any other large work ‘one piece at a time’ and forego the waiting list, sorry.

It’s impossible to accommodate all the requests I get, so instead I choose only to do the pieces that I feel I’m best suited for and that inspire me. I truly apologize if I do not choose your piece. But I’m only one person and quality is my main concern, not quantity.

Please feel free to contact me in any case, especially if you want lettering, japanese anything, sleeves, full back or full body tattoo.

If your project is interesting to me we can start a dialogue and get the process underway.

Appointments to get tattooed can only be made with a minimum cash/bank deposit of $200 for small custom/pre-drawn designs and lettering, and $400- $1000 for large custom work and larger deposit for full backs. This deposit contributes to your final tattoo payment. All tattoo drawings are created without extra charge, you only pay for tattoo time.
PLEASE NOTE: Cash based deposits are required to secure your appointment time and are non-refundable. Deposits are valid for 12 months from when you made your booking or your last session (which ever is later), and are used to carry over and secure all your appointments.

Booking Update – Read Carefully!

You must give at least one week (7 days) notice to change, move, shorten or cancel your appointment in order to avoid the $100 rescheduling fee. Effective July 1st 2009. It is very difficult to fill spaces on short notice when doing large work.

A minimum of 72 hours notice is required to change or cancel your appointment otherwise all of your deposit will be forfeited and you will have to leave a new one to secure your remaining sessions.

Very few to no exceptions will be made.

Also, if you decide to change your initial design concept, you will be required to leave another deposit if drawing has already commenced on your initial concept.

Please also note that the original artworks remain the property of Horisumi-Kian Forreal and WILL NOT be used for any other tattoos.

The point of all this is not to take your money for nothing, the point is for you to be sure what you want, and to commit to the arranged schedule that we agree on. I have many people waiting to get tattooed and I do not like to lose time that could be spent making a nice tattoo for someone.

I give my all to you and I would only like the same courtesy in return.

If you want to be placed on the waiting list you MUST email me first to confirm that I will take on your project and we can proceed from there. Thanks

Tattooing is done at Authentink Studio a relaxed atmosphere in Sydney.


Current Clients Only

Please Read Everything Above and Below Before Mailing Me

Please do not write asking ‘how much?’ I cannot give quotes over email nor do I discuss my hourly rate but in person. It’s not the way things are done when it comes to large work and it is considered impolite. If you wish to get tattooed by me we can discuss price during the consultation period or over the phone/skype. There are many more important factors than cost, lets first find out if i am the right tattoo artist for you!

At the moment I am only taking on Traditional Japanese style tattoo projects (large and small), some smaller one-point traditional stuff (skulls, flowers etc) and script lettering (large and small). Due to the overwhelming amount of large work on fresh skin that I have to tattoo at the moment I am not re-doing old tattoos or fixing what other artists have started as a first piece for new clients, sorry. I will add-on to exsiting work, like continue to a full sleeve from a half sleeve someone else has completed and I will do some cover-ups at my discretion.. preferably after some fading from the laser, it really helps and makes for such a better outcome. If after receiving a new tattoo from me on clean skin and we have a good rapport then I will consider fix ups and re-works.

If you are on the waiting list for a cover-up.. then please, start your laser sessions now instead of waiting 12+ months for a consult, only to be told at your consult that you need to get lasered before we can start and then you have to wait another 4-8 months while you get that done!

If you are on the waiting list thank you for your patience. Really, thanks. If you email me asking how much longer you have to wait there is a good chance I will not have an exact answer for you.. things are busy and I am working as much as my schedule permits, I will reply to your query as best as I can though. I only book myself up 3 months in advance at a time, I take consults every 3 months or so to do this so its really really hard to tell ‘how much longer’ before I know what people are going to get and how big. Please, bear with me on this..

At the moment the people I am seeing have been waiting around 12-15 months for their consult.. you can use this as a guide..

Thank you for understanding and I look forward to doing your tattoo!

Please make sure you read this entire page before emailing me and then I will be more than happy to answer your questions if I can.

I read and reply to every email I get but sometimes it take a bit of time to write back, thanks for understanding! If you don’t hear from me within 2 weeks please write me again as your email may have been misplaced!


You can also email me directly at   horisumi (at) authentink (dot) com 

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