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  1. Day 2 London Tattoo Convention

    Posted on by keyman

    Todays agenda was to tattoo yet another 1/2 sleeve in one session. A koi-dragon this time and a cover-up. Here are the before and after pics…


    After 3 laser sessions from Fade Laser Services

    stencil and freehand

    outline Done

    10 Hours straight! well done Steve! A long day but well worth it for both of us. We tattooed right til the convention closed at 10pm. I was very much looking forward to my next day being much more relaxed with only some lettering booked in and the prospect of a few walk-ups.

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  2. Day 1 London Tattoo Convention

    Posted on by keyman

    Setting up the booth and waiting for the crowd with anticipation… and fighting jetlag..!

    Before the Mayhem

    So todays plan was to tattoo a 1/2 sleeve Koi in one session on David in 8-10 hours. We managed to complete it in 9 hours, a heroic effort on both our parts considering we were sitting on folding chairs and didn’t have an arm rest!

    Outline Complete

    9 hours of solid tattooing. 1 session

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  3. London 2011 – Before the Show

    Posted on by keyman

    Went and visited Lal Hardy at New Wave Tattoo… quite a hike but worth the visit.. great old style REAL tattoo shop!

    Thanks for the Shirts Lal!

    see you next year!

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  4. Off To London!

    Posted on by keyman

    Hey.. so I am heading over to London to attend and participate in the 5th annual London Tattoo Convention. I will be out of the shop until the 27th of September. Which means no walk-ins next weekend.. Saturday 24th. And no consults or quick chats until I am back.

    If you’re in London or attending then I’ll see you there! I still have some free time on the Sunday for smaller bits and pieces… The rest of you I’ll see in a week! cheers

    Thanks and wish me luck!


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  5. Sleeve start

    Posted on by keyman


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  6. London Tattoo Convention Sept 24-25-26 2011

    Posted on by keyman

    I will have a booth and be tattooing at the 2011 London Tattoo Convention in September, Sept 24-25-26 in London of course. I am already booked most of the weekend but have some time free on the sunday afternoon. If you’re interested, please msg me your idea and we’ll take it from there. cheers.

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  7. Finished Foo-dog

    Posted on by keyman


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  8. 3/4 tiger for james complete!

    Posted on by keyman



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  9. Some of the latest works!

    Posted on by keyman


    Almost outlined Samurai/Dragon sleeve!


    Study for upcoming Backpiece


    First Session on Hero of the Suikoden backpiece


    Buddha Chest piece addition


    Double Falcon 1/2 sleeve – chest


    Completed Dragon thigh piece!

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  10. Dragon sleeve outline today

    Posted on by keyman

    Matt sat good for a long session!



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