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  1. May and June Works in Progress and Completions

    Posted on by keyman

    black and grey 1/2 sleeve chest for Brendon from Perth!

    fancy stuff!

    Adams sleeve all done!

    another big session on Chris!

    Shifu Bretts tiger 1/2 sleeve and chest!

    Jim's dragon sleeve... nearly finished! looking Solid!

    Dans sleeve finished and healed!

    Samurai beginnings!

    big sleeve start - first session!

    Micks samurai sleeve - first session!

    Nikki's back is good to go! getting there!

    Adam's all done!

    Tiger vs dragon finished! powerful!

    getting back into this piece after a break! keep an out for it! massive

    more on chris! tough dude!

    more fancy stuff!

    Healed tiger from a while ago!

    Just the beginning

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  2. Latest Projects and Pictures – Part 2

    Posted on by keyman

    Phoenix rib panel outline - 1 session

    Get Rich or die Trying

    Mimi's calf

    Collage of works

    Phoenix Sleeve outline


    Oni and Severed Head sleeve almost done

    2 of my three favourite things

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  3. Latest Projects and Pictures – Part 1

    Posted on by keyman

    Andrews Chest plates. Back in progress

    sleeve progress

    Mandy Jean

    Shi Shi progress

    Dragon sleeve progress

    Dragon Sleeve progress

    koi struggling

    Geisha 1/2 sleeve complete

    Dragon sleeve progress

    Dragon back progress

    Fudo backpiece progress

    skulls and stuff

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  4. Japanese Tattooing Seminar

    Posted on by keyman

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  5. A few convention pics

    Posted on by keyman

    Giving my seminar

    A one off piece I did during the show

    My humble booth at the Sydney Convention

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  6. Sydney Convention!

    Posted on by keyman

    Hey so Thanks Sydney! Had a great convention! 100% success!
    good clients, met new people and had an amazing time doing the seminars on japanese history.

    Huge thanks to all those that turned up to watch me do my presentation! You guys clapping at the end made it all worth while…. and we all got to learn something we didn’t know!



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  7. Inner vision article

    Posted on by keyman

    Big spread on IVT this month!


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  8. Latest Update

    Posted on by keyman

    First update in a while from me! Been a busy year so far and time has been flying past.  I’ll start with thanking everyone who is on my wait list and waiting patiently for me. I can’t show you enough appreciation or gratitude for hanging tight until I get to your name on the list. I promise you I will make it worth your while by executing a unique, powerful and inspiring tattoo for you given the chance. Without you all I could not be practicing my craft the way I do. Forever in your debt.

    With so many charlatans about  and shops opening up everywhere a lot of people are tempted by the chance to just walk in and get a sleeve without waiting for a respectable and dedicated artist only to realise after the fact the great mistake they have made once the ink is in the skin and its too late to go back. To those that know the difference and patiently wait.. I applaud you. A tattoo is for life, the sweetness of low price and immediate gratification is soon replaced by the bitterness of low quality and poor design, also for life.

    I haven’t been putting out many newsletters or updates lately and I was thinking to myself this morning about why that is. The main reason is probably because I write the column in Inked AUS/NZ every month or so.. and that usually conveys what I am thinking at the time. My rants are my way of expressing my discontent with the current state of affairs whatever they may be that week. Someone recently told me that I sound ‘angry’ in my column.. haha, well, yes.. some of the things going on make me less than happy and ranting is a great solution to that, gets it out of my system. Am I an angry person? Not in the slightest…  just take my words with a grain of salt…I  have to get it out of me and then I feel better, and also… some things just NEED to be said that no one is saying but more on that later!

    I will be attending the Sydney Tattoo Convention this March 9,10,11 in Homebush. And not surprisingly some people are shocked by that considering my harsh review of last years event. I had a meeting with the organisers face to face last year and voiced my complaints that I had put in writing.They seemed to listen and vowed to take on board  my complaints, guess we’ll see! Its my understanding that this year the social and drinking area will be quite large in the back so that people actually have something to do while there if they’re not getting tattooed, something that was desperately needed was a place to chill, hopefully the attendees have that now. I am also hoping that the treatment of the artists will improve and the showground staff will display some respect for the artists and their crews. We won’t be taking any shit this year just in case anyone is wondering. The price is still ridiculous but so is everything in Sydney so that shouldn’t surprise much. Its the little things that matter with these shows so I am counting on the organisers to learn from past error and treat the artists as the ones that are bringing the crowds and making it all possible.

    I will be doing a seminar on japanese tattooing each of the 3 days of the convention in the social area, for free and open to the public. I will be addressing the basics of japanese tattooing, the styles, origins and compositions of traditional japanese style tattoo, insomuch as a westerner can explain it from an outside point of view. Please do come down and check this out, it should be very informative. There will be pictures too!

    Seminars will be at 5pm on Friday and 3:30pm on Saturday and Sunday.

    Instagram has finally claimed me as a victim. Its not actually not a bad way to post tattoo pics so you can find me on there as ‘kianforreal’.

    As an ardent and vocal opponent to the crass commercialisation of tattooing and of the parasites that seem to be coming out of every nook and cranny trying to capitalise on the hard work of talented artists, people ask me why I write for and support a very commercial magazine: INKED. Let me explain.. as I thought long and hard about it before I decided to contribute to the magazine with my voice. First off, I do it for free, so I can write about what I like and no one tells me what to do or censors my words ever, Without this I would not be participating. Secondly, it doesn’t carry tattoo supplier ads, and is a magazine for the general public, I support the idea of magazines for the everyday person curious about tattooing and what it has to offer without supporting shitty tattoo supply houses. The way I see it I am just filling a void where there wasn’t a voice talking about current tattoos affairs from the inside. On top of all that, anyone who knows me personally knows I am not short on opinions…so now I have a place to spread my message further! haha! In any case, when it ceases to be fun writing for the mag or it starts to violate my ethics then I will stop, but for now I hope I am doing some good.

    Thats all for now, I will try to be more regular with updates and will post more photos soon.

    thanks for reading all that if you did!


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  9. Few of my projects on the go

    Posted on by keyman





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  10. The latest business…

    Posted on by keyman

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