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  1. The Beginning of a Bodysuit

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    Stencil on! the hard part 🙂

    Bishamonten Quelling Demon Outline Complete

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  2. Recent progress

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  3. Last weeks pics

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  4. This weeks pics

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  5. Spread the word

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    Its been called to my attention that my prior place of work, Inner Vision Tattoo has not been passing on my details or those of FADE LASER to our clients who have come into the old shop or rung up on the phone looking for either of us.

    Can you please spread the word by sharing this information with your friends and family to get the word out… – still in business, still in Sydney. – Still in Sydney, all email inquires answered.

    please share…


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  6. Special Update

    Posted on by keyman

    Kian Forreal Update

    I just wanted to touch base with you all as it has been several weeks now since I left Innervision Tattoo and struck out on my own. This has given me a lot of time and opportunity to talk with my current clients about how to better serve new and existing clients and how to better communicate with them before, during and after the tattoo process.

    From now on all these lines of communication will go through me or someone I am directly supervising.. I know in the past from time to time that some clients have disappeared for one reason or another and not booked in again,  I apologize for not following up and I urge you to contact me personally and let me try to rectify the situation. The stress of managing a group of artists and working in a large shop didn’t always bring out my best side and I may have been less than fair in some situations. Again, sorry for that.

    So now that I’ve cleared the air and said what I have wanted to say for a while now, I can report to you that things are wonderful in the new studio and I am happier than ever. I am finding myself being much more productive and creative with having less interruptions and distractions, clients are much more relaxed and are enjoying the new space immensely.  It’s a bit more work taking care of everything but it’s a good trade off.

    A few things I wanted to pass on, if you have been tattooed by me with large work in the past, large being ½ sleeve, or anything multi-session where you waited on the list for a consult, you don’t need to wait again for another consult, just let me know you want to get tattooed and I will make a consult booking for you. This applies to all past present and future clients. If you’re getting a full sleeve now and want to get another straight away that option is open to you, if you want to wait six months and then do the other sleeve, you may do that as well. The Point being you only wait once. This shouldn’t discourage people currently on the list waiting, it just means once you’re in, you’re in for life.

    I have shortened the estimated wait times down to 12-15 months as I am being much more selective with my projects these days and want to focus more on where my passion lies.

    Do not worry, if I have told you in an email that you are on the list, you ARE on the list, I am very organized with my list, I don’t lose people off it,  people don’t get erased or forgotten, Your time will come. If you feel that you should have been contacted by now and haven’t been there’s a very good chance I have an old or wrong phone number for you.  Please email me if you have been on the list for a minimum of 16 months and have not been contacted, I’ll confirm your place and your contact details. (please try to confirm you have actually been waiting this long before emailing me, thanks)

    If you have been tattooed with a large tattoo by me and want to freshen it up or need touch ups…  please contact me and we’ll see what we can do to bring your tattoo back up to speed. The sun here in Australia can be unforgiving on tattoos and sometimes a quick re-outline (1-3 hours) can make all the difference in the world between a normal looking tattoo and a fresh revitalized tattoo…  holler at me if you’re interested.

    All for now….


    Kian 2012

    waiting room

    Relaxation zone

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  7. Added all my Inked Columns in one place for your perusal

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    issues from Number 1 to Last Month

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  8. First Day

    Posted on by keyman
    In case you you missed it:

    I am not longer at Inner Vision Tattoo and am now working out of a Private Studio in Sydney as of today. Please spread the word to your friends, family and colleagues that I am no longer there and/or associated with that shop. 

    To contact me for tattoo related inquiries please do so thru the email on this website via the contact page.

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  9. Slow Motion Tattoo Video

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  10. MASSIVE news..

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    July 2nd 2012

    So big news to share with everyone, after nearly 8 years at Inner Vision Tattoo in Surry Hills I will be moving on to a new studio in Sydney and working from a new location in a more private and relaxed atmosphere. If you are currently booked in with me you have nothing to worry about, your deposit and everything else will stay the same and follow me to the new location. If you are on the wait list then business as usual, when your time comes I will ring you and book you in for a consult at the new premises. The only thing that changes is that I won’t be doing walk-ins anymore. However, with prior arrangement and a paypal deposit I will still be doing lettering tattoos and smaller one-point tattoos on a weekly basis with little wait period.

    The new premises will be disclosed as necessary to each of you before your appointments. I am trying to keep it private and personal in line with the Japanese tradition and not a drop in centre. I am going in a new direction and want as much peace and tranquility as possible while I work.

    My last day at Inner Vision Tattoo will be July 21st as it stands now. However in the mean time I will be doing all my own bookings until I leave and managing my own appointments as well. I will be posting more information on my website soon so keep an eye on that. For tattoo inquires please continue to use email.

    I wish to thank everyone at Inner Vision for the time I spent there, I wouldn’t be who I am without having worked there and I wish them all well in their endeavors.

    This move will be better for me and my work and I am very much looking forward to it… I hope to see you all there at some point!

    if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to email me and I will respond as soon as I can.

    kind regards

    Kian Forreal

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