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Horisumi -Kian Forreal – World Wide Tattoo

Registered, health department approved, insured and fully licensed to Tattoo in NSW Operator License #01834

HORISUMI – Kian Forreal

Traditional Japanese Style semi-private Studio

Authentink Studio

  If you have already been tattooed by Horisumi with large work you do not need to wait again and usually only have to wait for the next available slot to get a consult.

Authentink – East to West ~ Horisumi Kian Forreal A look inside Sydney, Australia’s premier tattoo shop – Authentink Studio and the man behind it, Horisumi Kian Forreal.

Surry Hills – Sydney – Australia

 Real Tattooing that stands out from the crowd

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Specializing in Traditional Japanese Tattooing, from small one-point pieces to Sleeves, Backpieces and Full Bodysuits.

24 Years Worldwide Professional Shop Experience.

– Professional tattooing since 1993 –

All tattooing work is fully guaranteed.

Accept nothing less.

PS: Respect -This is not a place to find images for your tattoo.The tattoos here already belong to someone. Please visit us or another reputable tattoo shop/artist in your area to get something drawn for you. Thanks

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